Compared with drywall paper tape, fiberglass reinforced mesh is easier to use it resists bubbling. Though paper tape is quicker for specialist, you will see that fiberglass mesh will be irreplaceable. Now I will tell you the usage, just see below.

1. Prepare your installed drywall sheets by aligning the edges as tightly as possible before beginning the taping process. Wipe the bare seams down with a tack cloth to remove drywall dust.

2. Unroll one end of the fiberglass mesh and determine which side is sticky. Begin at the top and stick only the top edge of the mesh on the seam. Leave a 1-inch space from the ceiling. Carefully, unroll the mesh as you hold it outwards from the wall. If you allow it to touch too soon, it will adhere and make it difficult to apply in a straight line.
3. Hold the bottom edge of the unrolled fiberglass mesh at the bottom of the seam. While watching to make sure the seam is in the middle of the mesh, lower it until it meets the wall.
4. Cut the bottom edge of the mesh and use your hands to gently smooth the mesh from the center to each end, ensuring that no wrinkles form.
5. Scoop some prepared drywall mud into a taping bucket with the 6-inch taping knife. Using the same knife, pick up a small portion of the mud, approximately one-half cup, and put it on the fiberglass mesh, smoothing as you go. Since this is the first coat, use some pressure to force the mud through the holes in the mesh and into the seam. Cover the entire seam with an even coat of mud.
6. Follow up immediately, while the mud is still soft, with the 10-inch taping trowel. Pull the trowel along the seam carefully, smoothing the mud and leveling it with the surface of the wall. Make sure you smooth out any crown on the seam.
7. Let the mud to dry, sand off rough edges or lumps and apply two more very thin coats. Sand after the last coat is dry and paint or texture your walls.
Note: when you apply it to the seams, you should use the utility knife to cut out the wrinkle and proceed to tape the seam if you get a wrinkle in the mesh. Though fiberglass mesh is easier to use than taper’s paper, it is thicker and need more mud to cover.