What’s the characteristics of three layer contain house? Now CMD container house will simply explain its features.

1.Easy assembly and disassembly: wall and roof of three layer container house all are excellent wooden fiber cement board, paper fiber cement board and metal carved board.
2.Secure structure: steel frame structure system of three layer container house is secure and meet architectural structure design requirements.
3.The house of CMD container is made of roof, floor and gables. The two sides gables is foldable, easy to transport and keep.
4.Three layer flat pack container house can freely increase/decrease one group or several groups to expand units in vertical.
5.The material of roof and wall of three layer container house both adopt colorful steel plate covering polystyrene foam sandwich panel.
6.Three layer container house is suitable for offices, assembly rooms, headquarters, dormitory, warehouse, stores of building, railway, road, bridge, water conservancy, electric power, oil, travel and troops, etc.
7.Three layer container house could be assembled with 4-8 hours. And it could be re-used for assembly and disassembly in several time.
8.Three layer container house is better to save rooms.