According to the national statistics for the current user, more and more people now use the folding container house, which is faced with national sale. Specification of light-steel villa is applied for dormitory and living containers manufactured by most factories is referred to that specification. Therefore, the material of living container is basically manufactured by that specification for reference. In this case, other specifications of living container is limit, normally in 6 m *3 m *2.8 m. For other specifications, the material need to be further processed to make sure it can be used to manufacture specific living container, such as two-toilet, three-toilet, five-toilet, sentry box, etc.

The price of folding container house is much higher than prefab house. In some mainland cities, the sales of prefab house are much higher than the folding container houses. People usually will choose a cheaper one as a temporary house. However, besides sale, the folding container can also be rented with low price. It will be lower for those who only use it for one-two years and they don’t need to handle it after using. At present, the folding container is mainly used to construction site with building cycle of one-two years. Therefore, it will be cheaper and more environmental protection to rent than buy.

So far, folding container is more and more popular. The folding container is opened to all over the world and you can see them from most of countries. The folding container offers a safe and comfortable building for us. It is a new product for new generation. Compared with others, it is more environmental protection, safer, better performance against earthquake and wind, etc.