1. Easy and fast to assembly and disassembly with simple tools for installation. On average, about 20-30 square meters can be installed per person per day. Six persons only need two days to complete one building of 3K*4K standard knock down container house.
  2. General standard, can achieve industrial production.
  3. Can in stock, multiple use with low loss rate. It reduces link for constructing temporary office and living facilities in traditional building construction.
  4. No restricted by transportation
  5. Use standard module to spatial array for building any construction size according to customer’s requirement from shop kiosk to hangar or several floors of building.
  6. Environmental protection. Do not need to use a larger number of brick, asphalt, asbestos or other material and will not leave larger amount of construction waste to pollute environment.
  7. Light steel structure is with spray painting treatment by anti corrosion. Normal life cycle can be over 10 years. Average annual cost is much lower than other similar material.
  8. Housing overall is beautiful, bright, soft texture, surface smooth with good decorative effect. Flexible layout: doors and windows can be installed in any position; interior partitions can be set at any horizontal axis. Stairs set outdoors. Structure is waterproof with adopting design of waterproof. Thus, you don’t need to do any waterproof treatment.