Nowadays, containers houses are more and more popular as it is widely used for construction, mining field, such as offices, dormitory, dinning hall, toilet and shower, or emergency shelters, etc with easy and cost effective transport. Below I will talk more about the advantages of container house:

First, the house is a new combination of light steel house, in materials and steel under a reasonable match. Can be achieved very good safety, specific data is more than 7 earthquakes and 12 Typhoon resistance, which is housing difficult in General.

Second, the cost of container house is very low. Due to its characteristics, besides low cost, it can also be recycled use with long life compared with the brick houses. According to statistics, generally, one container house can repeat use times in six times above, and from these data in the we also more can understanding to, activities room of a integrated of cost relatively not high.

In addition, the activities of construction is fast. For example, installation team for a week to install more than 500 square meters, in the field of traditional architecture are hard to imagine, and such a building would not lead to construction waste. This is surely played a good role in protecting the environment and in line with the present need.