With the sale of prefabricated container house at home and abroad, the export of the container also reach the high point. If you want to make your own house export products have been recognized by more customers and occupy more market share, the following parameters on export are worth getting to know.

1, structural design
Steel frame structure, safe, reliable, and meets the building structural design requirements. Standardization construction of assembled hand build a wall thickness greater than or equal to 1.5 mm and reach the mobile home industry standards.

New and combine the outside wall plates and flame retardant interior wall panel 50mm two-sided color steel sandwich panels, roof 0.326mm single layer color steel tile, floor 15mm wood splints, window type 60 PVC sliding Windows, color steel composite doors, staircase for steel structure staircase, railing paint, paint process. Overhanging eaves 1000mm, bays, depth in accordance with the plate shaping pattern combinations can also be based on your company needs construction.

2, easy assembly and disassembly
It only needs simple tools for knock down container installing and can be assembly and disassembly for many times with high repeatedly usage.

3, beautiful shape
The whole container is beautiful, inside and outside walls and roof are the color-coated steel sandwich panels, polystyrene foam plastic to fill board mingyan, soft texture and smooth surface.

4, great flexibility in the layout
Windows, doors, can be set at any position. Indoor partitions free housing after installation you can also pretend to cut off, stairs to an outdoor staircase.

5, waterproof structure
Roofing adopts with waterproof structure design. In this case, there’s no need for waterproofing process.

6, strong bearing
Floor bearing 50KG/m2 above, part mounting, stacking, transporting, storage is very convenient.

7, long lifespan
Steel frame construction of anti-corrosion coating, the container can be used for 5-20 years of life.

8, green and environmental protection
Reasonable design and low loss rate for assembly and disassembly, which could not generate waste.

9, product index
Light weight 10-14 kg/square meters, equivalent to 1/30 brick walls; Insulation, core material heat conductivity coefficient: ≤ 0.041w/MK into the oxygen index: (IO) 34.0 (fire product quality inspection station) temperature limit: -50-+120 degrees Celsius

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