Single 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container house manufacturer is a simple and effective housing construction, free combination of stitching, ready to transport. Container house galvanized C-shaped steel frame structure in the factory welding, bolting field use, the base, the cap production is completed at the factory. Wall using steel sandwich panel, good cold insulation effect. It is modular production, uniform size, the use of multiple sets can be used in combination assembly, expanded interior space. Single 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container house manufacturer roof, the base prefabricated in the factory, and as the use of polystyrene board insulation, wall using steel sandwich panel, good insulation properties, cool. Without interior decoration, in the factory line embedded in the framework, simply connect the mains, then put to bed, sofa, etc. can be used. The bathroom interior design, easier to use, the size of the bathroom can be customized. The appearance of the Single 10ft, 40ft or 20ft container house manufacturer is free to choose, according to your preferences, may be siding can be different printing plates, which can be a different color stitching, or may be different stitching patterns.