Folding container house is a light steel for skeleton, to clip core board for enclosure material, even is didn’t live had this simple House of people believes you also know, they most appeared in building site and plant, this container room no limitations, regardless of located hillside, and hills, and Prairie are is can of, and permanent sex wall, ability wind, environmental type or, so today small series to everyone introduced about container house each square meters price, for has needs of basin friends are provides reference.

Folding container house to standard module series for space collection, component used bolt connection, installation up is convenient, is temporary housing of good select, and also can disassembly repeat using, environmental performance also good, container house appearance clear simple, as size can by customer of requirements for design, insulation sex or winter warm summer cool, now market of container house most are is steel wood, anti-earthquake anti-Typhoon stable also compared good, although called he simple activities room, can using of years also can reached 10 years above.

Having said that I am sure you are all concerned about prefabricated houses prices per square meter. Actually different of area, and different of material, it of price is has must gap of, general activities board room with of has 1120 type and 950 type two species specifications of width, most cheap of probably 28 Yuan/meters, with have up of is 5 cm 950 type EPS clip core board, added flame retardant bubble of 0.3 specifications of General in 35 Yuan/meters upper and lower, this price should is national difference is unlikely to of has.

Because of things like building materials according to local price fluctuations, some local raw materials expensive, the cost is relatively high write, cheap raw materials cost is relatively low in some places, coupled with wage differences, as well as the conditions of transport, the transport distance, house layout, specification limits, so all trailers prices uneven, General trailers size is smaller, higher price.