Storage Modular Containers for Transportion

  1. Wind resistance: grade 11;
  2. Earthquake resistance: grade 8;
  3. Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5kN/m2.


Product Description

Specification of folding container house
Size 6058mm(L)*2438mm (W)*2590 mm(H)(external size)
5800mm(L)*2200mm(W)*2300mm(H)(internal size)
Steel frame Frame structure: flat galvanized coated metal sheet in the
thickness of 0.5 mm;Corrosion Protection: painting (Top side 10 μm)
Steel sheet  metal;Primer coat: Zn coating 180g/m2, two layers;

Color: painting color is white, grey, blue or red.

Wall and roof boards Width 950mm, thickness 50/75/100mm insulated EPS,Rock wool, or PU insulated
sandwich panels. If you have special require, we will do as per you, OEM.
Base  Profile steel; Plywood/fiber cement panels+ vinyl/PVC surface flooring.
Roof Coating It is galvanized sheet metal of trapezoid cross section in 0.55 mm thickness and 27 mm
pitch depth, the rain waters are evacuated by corner columns.
Doors  Steel security door or roller door, dimension will as per you.

7. By using our container homes design, it is easy to finish the foundation construction work. And the characteristic of easy-installation enable us to use them immediately when you need.Features 
1. Wind resistance: grade 11;
2. Earthquake resistance: grade 8;
3. Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5kN/m2;
4. External and internal wall heating transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc
5. Usage: offices, dormitory, hotel, remote building site, portable toilet and etc.
6. Package: flat package, all components are well wrapped.

8. They can be used circularly and will not produce any construction waste.

Technical parameters
short beam 2.5mm galvanized steel sheet
column on the corner cold formed profile steel, 4mm thickness
secondary beam Z-shaped galvanized steel
Corrosion Protection polishing, derusting, sand blasting
Primer coat epoxy zinc-rich primer, two layer
Finishing coat alkyd honed painting
Standarroof load 0.5KN/m2(can reinforce the structure as required)
wind speed Wind speed designing 210km/h (Chinese standard)
seismic resistance magnitudes 8
Temperature suitable temperature.-50°C~+50°C
component long beam cold formed profile steel, 4mm thickness
Weight 1950kgs

Internal photos

Generally speaking, one unit container house is one separate steel storage container. It will be convenient for moving by crane or forklift.

container-conversions-red-12ft-storage-container grey_modular_20ft_small_container_house_with_glass_door_and_plastic_steel_window

Floor Plan

storage introduction2074 storage introduction2075 storage introduction2073storage introduction2076

Firstly to connect the base with four corner columns to finish main steel frame installation.

Then, labors will insert one wall panel with another panel, finally finishing the complete container modular house installation.

storage introduction2312 storage introduction2313 storage introduction2314

Cost saving and convenient transportation:

Standard containers can be used for various static applications and suitable for intermodal freight in flat-pack form, also called flat pack folding containers.

Containers can be delivered assembled or individually in kits 648mm high. Each bundle of 4 collapsed units has iso standard external size

with corner casting for lifting and moving containers . Units are designed as light structure comprising floor, corner posts and interchangeable

wainscots to create outside walls. 4 kits can be bundled in packages.

storage introduction3014 storage introduction3016

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