Military Camping Container House

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CMD
Certificate: CE&SGS
Supply Ability: 10000m2 per month
Price: Negotiable
Mininum Order Quantity: One container shipping
Departure Port: Xingang port, Tianjin
Payment Terms: TT or L/C
Package Details: Bare bundle or seperate packages
Delivery Time: Generally speaking, within one month; if quite large quantity, maybe more time will be available.


Product Description

Detailed specification
SIZE 5950mm(L)*2250mm (W)*2690 mm(H)(external size)5700mm(L)*2020mm(W)*2390mm(H)(internal size)Or6050mm(L)*2438mm (W)*2590 mm(H)(external size)5875mm(L)*2255mm(W)*2325mm(H)(internal size)
MAKING SPACE FOR PEOPLE Flat pack container house– ‘Cube’ building blocks are designed for easy, cost effective transport.CMD modular buildings are based on a single core element from which numerous configurations of simple and complex structures can be made.This innovative demountable ‘Cube’ is the ultimate in portable buildings.Our unique folding ‘Cube’ is flat packed for easy, cost effective transportation and rapid assembly even in tight spaces where a rigid cabin structure cannot be used.

Once assembled, CMD Cubes can be personalized with custom graphics, exterior cladding and fascia treatments to suit individual applications.

Assembling a Cube is really as simple as one, two, three….)

SCALABLE MODULAR CONFIGURATIONS Create complex buildings with multiple Cubes in rows or by stacking them.Complex, cost effective buildings can be configured very quickly by joining Cubes together side by side or end to end, or by stacking them to create two or even three story buildings.CMD Cubes can be used for a multitude of different applications both domestic and commercial. Hundreds of designs and interior layouts are possible and buildings can easily be demounted and moved to new locations.Rapid deployment foldable buildings are easy to erect and cost effective to transport and store. CMD flat pack buildings are 100% prefabricated in the factory providing ready to use buildings which are fully insulated with pre installed electrical installations.

CMD ‘instant’ buildings are ideal for offices or showrooms, events and exhibitions, temporary accommodation and disaster relief housing, site buildings, school or hospital buildings and home offices or extensions.

Some of our most popular designs can be seen here or we can provide a design specifically to suit particular requirements, just send us a sketch.

OPTIMISED FOR COST EFFECTIVE TRANSPORTATION Single Cubes or complex modular buildings are flat packed ready for fast assembly – anywhere.Cubes are fully self supporting with a steel frame insulated floor structure so you don’t need any foundations or floor slabs and in most locations planning permission is not required or is no more than a simple formality.There are so many applications for CMD modularized design house buildings from simple offices or accommodation to large scale buildings or hotel complexes. A wide range of finishes are available and we can even personalize buildings with graphics or company logos.The interior of CMD modular buildings can also be customised to suit the building requirement with premium quality fixtures and fittings, sanitary ware, kitchens and wall and floor finishes.
PERSONALISED SOLUTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALITY Comfortable, robust, modular building connection options provide ultimate flexibility.From simple site cabins to large modular volumetric buildings, CMD Cubes are designed to provide optimal comfort. The walls, floor and ceiling are made of insulated sandwich panels providing a controlled internal environment with the same insulation values as a modern house.Internal partition walls and internal doors are also fully insulated. Slim profile PVC or aluminium windows and sliding doors use double glazed glass to maintain comfort levels whilst providing maximum transparency and light penetration.CMD Cubes come in a range of standard wall colors and finishes which can be personalized with our range of micro perforated ‘Skins’ to suit individual tastes or corporate requirements.

Cubes can be specially designed to suit any purpose by creating multi cube structures and incorporating cladding features.

COMPLEX MULTICUBE BUILDINGS Custom designed buildings provide multiple accommodation solutions.This stylish modular, multi-cube building offers endless possibilities for hospitality at events or exhibitions, retail use or even temporary accommodation.Cladding and finishing optionsCMD Cubes can be personalized by adding simple graphics or complete ‘skins’ to the outer walls. Go one step further and use timber or composite cladding to create different effects.


  1. High thermal and sound insulation with the sandwich panel system;
  2. Use of steel on top and bottom of roof and wall panels ;
  3. High insulation with 75mm wall panel thickness and roof panel thickness;
  4. Hidden middle carriers;
  5. Seamless threaded production system;
  6. Advantage of quick Installation on-site;
  7. Belts and chassis are electrostatic painted;
  8. Over plaster electrical wiring with cable channels;
  9. PVC door and window;
  10. Short-time production advantage.

Internal photos
If space is not too much, soliders will live in one large house with bunk beds. If space is available, each person will own one separate bedroom container living home.

image017 image019 image021

Container Homes Plans

image003 image004 image006 image008 image010

Firstly to connect the base with four corner columns, then insert wall panels from one side one by one. Door and windows can be installed in any place as per your special requirements.

image013 image015

Checking —- carefully check the shipping list, making sure no mistake
Packaging: mixed packaging. roof frame and bottom frame will be packed together with bolts; all the wall panels packed together with wooden pallet in the bottom, corrugated board on the surface. And it will be shipped in 20’ or 40’ container.

image023 image025 image027 image029image031

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