Holiday Living Prefabricated Container House Building

1. OEM customized design products;

2. Quick installation, easy mobility and comfortable interior decoration;

3. Meanwhile, we will supply professional technician to instruct installation in your site;

4. More layouts modified container designs are available.


Product Description

Specification of expandable containers
Size 5850mm(L)*2250mm(W)*2500mm(H)(Foldable size)

5850mm(L)*6530mm(W)*2500mm(H)(Expandable size)holiday living detailed  introduction115

Steel frame Galvanized steel material is used as raw material. At the external surfaces of the container frame,

double layer industrial coating and double layer industrial paint is being applied.

Surface will be blue, red, grey, white and etc.

Roof Steel sheet roof-with color-steel sandwich panel(50mm)+75mm EPS + 50mm glass wool+ color-steel sheet; waterproof, leakage proof;
New design can prevent the water flow back.
Wallboard Color steel sheet 50/75/100mm insulated EPS, Rock wool, or PU insulated sandwich panels.

If you have special require, we will do as per you.

Flooring  Plywood/fiber cement panels+ vinyl/PVC surface flooring.
Roof Coating It is galvanized sheet metal of trapezoid cross section in 0.55 mm thickness and 27 mm pitch depth,

the rain waters are evacuated by corner columns.

Doors  Exterior door: steel security or sandwich panel doors;

Interior door: wooden or sandwich panel doors. The dimensions of  doors are 800 X 1950 mm.

Windows Main material is PVC double glass sliding windows. If required,
Aluminum alloy windows are still available. The window dimensions are 900/1100mm and 

they may vary upon request.

Electricity The electrical installation is hidden, laid in plaster depth. The cables are HES brand,

for the fuses Siemens automates are used. For thesockets cables of 2 X 2.5, lighting 2 X 1.5 are used.

The switches and sockets are VIKO brand. In each room, there is one switch and two sockets.

Split air conditioning installation will be made at the container.

Sanitary The installations are made plaster depth. Clean water piping are FIRAT brand. The tea furnace is
chrome steel kitchen sink. Wash basins and lavatory bowls are DOGVIT brand.


1.Reliable structure: Light steel flexible construction structure, safe and reliable, which is conformed with building code for structural design;
2. Speedy disassembly and assembly: Light steel house can be disassembled and assembled for many times, and it is recyclable product only with simple tools to install;
3. Humane layout: Doors, windows and partitions can be arranged in any positions. If necessary, staircases are arranged outdoor;
4.Structurally anti-water: Light steel house uses structurally anti-water design with no demand for extra anti-water processing;
5.Durable: All our light steel structures are used anti-corrosive powder-coating, you can even use a hammer to knock on the surface, normally the life expectancy can be above 30 years;
6.Environmental-friendly and cost-saving: Our light steel structures are designed and integrated with fashion western building styles, low attrition rate and no construction waste.

Internal and external photos

holiday living detailed  introduction3312holiday living detailed  introduction3313holiday living detailed  introduction3315

Floor Plan of Container Homes

Just open each part to finish the complete steel container homes installation as shown in the following:

holiday living detailed  introduction3273

Package & Loading: 

Each container cabin is one separate package, to load into 40’HQ. If including sanitary, these are precast on floor or wall panels. 

holiday living detailed  introduction3466

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