Flat Pack Container House For Dining Hall

  1. Easy to transport and relocate, convenient to assemble.
  2. For skillful workers, they could install one unit in 2h for 4 labors;
  3. The light steel structure and combination
    of material is strong to resist strong winds;
  4. Departure Port: Xingang port, Tianjin
    Payment Terms: TT or L/C
    Delivery Time: Generally speaking, within one month; if quite large quantity, maybe more time will be available.


Product Description

Flat pack folding container house specification
Size 5950mm(L)*2250mm (W)*2690 mm(H)(external size) 5700mm(L)*2020mm(W)*2390mm(H)(internal size)Or 6050mm(L)*2438mm (W)*2590 mm(H)(external size) 5875mm(L)*2255mm(W)*2325mm(H)(internal size)
Foundation Simple concrete foundation or solid floor slab required
Base  Profile steel; Plywood/fiber cement panels+ vinyl/PVC surface flooring.
Steel frame Frame structure: cold formed profile steel, 4mm thickness; Corrosion Protection: Polishing, derusting, sand blasting; Finishing coat: alkyd honed painting; Connected by bolts or screws.
Wall and roof boards Sandwich panels, GI sheet, decoration panels, panels thickness will be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm PU, EPS, Rockwool or others.
Roof  Sandwich panels, GI sheet, asphalt shingle. Panels thickness will be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm PU, EPS, Rockwool or others.
Outside doors Steel security doors or aluminium doors; The dimensions of doors are 800 X 1950 mm.
Interior doors Wood, aluminium or sandwich panels doors.
Windows Main material is PVC double glass sliding, aluminium, gypsum windows and etc;The window dimensions are 900/1100mm and they may vary upon request.
Exterior decoration  PVC ex-hanging panels, metal carved boards or MDF decorative boards and etc.
Electricity The electrical installation is hidden, laid in plaster depth. The cables are HES brand, for the fuses Siemens automates are used. For the sockets cables of 2 X 2.5, lighting 2 X 1.5 are used. The switches and sockets are VIKO brand. In each room, there is one switch and two sockets. Split air conditioning installation will be made at the container.
Sanitary The installations are made plaster depth. Clean water piping are FIRAT brand. The tea furnace is chrome steel kitchen sink. Wash basins and lavatory bowls are DOGVIT brand.
Technical parameters
Standarroof load 0.5KN/m2(can reinforce the structure as required)
wind speed Wind speed designing 210km/h (Chinese standard)
seismic resistance magnitudes 8
Temperature suitable temperature.-50°C~+50°C
Fireproof  Grade 3
component long beam 3mm galvanized steel material
Weight 1950kgs
short beam 2.5mm galvanized steel sheet
column on the corner 3mm galvanized steel raw material
secondary beam Z-shaped galvanized steel
Floor panel   18mm plywood panel+12mm laminated floor or 20mm cement-fiber +2mm vinyl flooring
Forklift  Two forklift on the base to move from one site to another
External power If possible, we will add one or two external power holes on the roof panel.


1. Easy to transport and relocate, convenient to assemble. For skillful workers, they could install one unit in 2h for 4 labors;

2. It is safe and reliable. The light steel structure and combination of material is strong to resist strong winds and 8 grade earthquake;

3. It could build by selectable materials, such as EPS, PU, or Rockwool, could also be designed according to the clients’ requirements;

4. High horizontal space utilization, the containerization design buildings could be stacked to 3 floors by putting containers vertically.

Internal photos

Generally speaking, it is one large building, made of several or many standard 20 feet container houses connection in construction site, mining field, or manufacturer factory.

dinning hall introduction10

Floor Plan

Firstly to connect the base with four corner columns, then insert wall panels from one side one by one. Door and windows can be installed in any place as per your special requirements.

dinning hall introduction6

Adopting disassembling container houses loading into one 40’HQ. One 40’HQ can load 8 units 20ft standard container houses.

dinning hall introduction3563 dinning hall introduction3564

Finished photos

dinning hall introduction3587

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