FRP Corrugated Sheets

  1. No cracking when driving nails in roof installation;
  2. Close combining with color steel plate;
  3. Good resistance to weather;
  4. Good and clean appearance and bright;
  5. Long service life.


Product Description


Main specifications:

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Fiberglass Sheet Physical and Chemical Data Sheets:

1 Tensile Strength 100Mpa
2 Tensile Module 3700Mpa
3 Flexural Strength 190Mpa
4 Flexural Strength 4000Mpa
5 Barcloe Hardness 40gm/cm3-45gm/cm3
6 Fiberglass 27.50%
7 Polyester Resin 72.5%
8 Fire Retardant Co-efficient 27.10%
9 Thermal Conductivity 0.6w/mk
10 Heat Resistant Temperature -50°C to 130°C
11 Anti Ultraviolet Rate 98%-100%
12 Thermal expansion co-efficient 2.75X10`5cm/cm degree
13 Viscosity 250-350cps
14 Solid Content 58.2-67.4
15 Unit Weight 2.4kg/m
16 Tensile Elongation at break ≥2.5%
17 H.D.T 75°C
18 Light transmission ≥80%

Note: Any other specifications can be customized by customers.




FRP roofing sheets usually use a protecting facility in construction site,steel structured workshop and warehouse,canopy,packing sheds,corridors,

studio light awning and greenhouse ect as the excellent light transmittance.

Fiberglass roof sheet is the more strengthened, safty, and more econimal greehouse pannel with the properties of waterproof, good light transmittance,

heat insulation,strong impact resistant,withstand extreme temperature.

Normal  thinkness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm



1) The fiberglass content  about 27%-30%.

2) Weather resistant and Self-clean ability

3) Excellent yellowness resistance

4) Strong impact resistant and low bending rate

5) Withstand extreme temperature from -38 degree to +110 degree for a long time

6) Aging resistant: specified F4 film added on surface and gel coat makes it endurable for long.

7) More strengthened, safer, cleaner and more economical greenhouse  panel.

8) Mainly serve the big factory, warehouse, super markets and other steel-structured project.




Applications of fiberglass sheets

 Fiberglass Sheet  ideal for Allowing Light In all types of buildings,likes:

1.Used in Industrial Fields

  • Roof Lights for Warehouses
  • Roof Lights for Workshops
  • Roof Lights for Steel Structure Project
  • Roof Lights for Storage Facilities

 2.Used in Agricultural Fields

  • Roof Lights for Barns
  • Roof Lights for Farm & Storage Buildings
  • Roof Lights for Stables
  • Roof Lights for Greenhouse Project
  • Roof Lights for Cattle Sheds

3.Used in Domestic Fields

  • Roof Lights for Garages
  • Roof Lights for Lean-to’s
  • Roof Lights for Sheds
  • Roof Lights for Car Ports

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Packing and loading
These fiberglass panels are packed into carton, then loading into 40’HQ or directly loading into shipping containers. And customized package and loading is available.




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