By Louis Ramirez, Multimedia Journalist
POSTED: 6:55 PM Apr 25 2016 UPDATED: 6:56 PM Apr 25 2016

EUREKA, Calif. –
For people in the Palco Marsh, time is running out to vacate the area, but many are not convinced about moving into the temporary container shelter.

Hollie said she has been living out in the Palco Marsh for two years. She said she knows she’s running out of time to figure out what’s next for her and her dog, as the May 2 deadline to vacate the marsh approaches.

Hollie said she’s heard about the container shelter, but hasn’t decided if it’s a good fit for her.

It all depends on what’s best for her and her dog.

“But you know when it comes down to it, I might, you know, I might,” Hollie said. “I mean because I have no other option right now.”

Hollie said the marsh has become her home. A home that she said is peaceful, comfortable, and it’s a community.

“It’s going to be sad to give this all up in a sense because we do have our own little community, or our own little world,” Hollie said. “And it’s not as savage and rough and mean and cruel and hard as everybody that lives in a house thinks.”

Hollie said many of the people in the marsh don’t have a good idea of what the shelter will offer or how it will work. She believes those that are helping put it together should reach out more.

“Definitely publicize more to the homeless [about] all the standards and restrictions [and] the time limits because I’ve just heard bits and pieces throughout the few days,” Hollie said.

Another person living in the Palco Marsh, Aron Heiser, said the container shelter won’t make a difference for people like him.

“They are going to put rules and regulations on everything that you do, everything that you say, and everything that you are,” Heiser said. “And that’s just not us.”

However, Heiser admits that the shelter might be a start.

“I see it as a start in the right direction maybe, but it’s going to take a long time to get people to come around to it,” Heiser said. “They are just not trusting.”

Alec Ziegler, the executive director of Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights, said construction continues and by the end of the week 40 people could call the container shelter home.

The containers are located at 3rd and Commercial streets in Old Town Eureka. Ziegler said on Wednesday painting and the interior of the containers will be finished.

Then on Friday he said a temporary fence will be installed at the parking lot, and that people will be able to move in by Sunday.

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