BY: Michael Cadigan
DATE: 7:17 AM, Jan 22, 2016

CAPE CORAL, FLA. – More than two hundred concerned Cape Coral neighbors showed up to a neighborhood
association meeting Thursday night. Many angry because modular homes springing up in the Cape.

A couple of modular homes like one on Embers and Old Burnt Store and Kismet will soon be delivered.

“It didn’t belong here,” says Douglas Malinowski, a Cape Coral resident, “It just doesn’t look like
the rest of the neighborhood.”

Homeowners in surrounding neighborhoods want the city to stop it. They lined up at Christa
McAulliffe Elementary angry, saying these modular homes will hurt their home values. “I can hardly
wait to get there and voice my opinion,” says Gary Krug, “We went to the Facebook to see what’s
going on, to be able to help.”

But, some are skeptical, saying it will only feel good to blow off steam, but nothing concrete will

“They can’t stop it, it’s here. They aren’t going to take it up and move it, its here,” says
Malinowski. “The biggest thing they can do is stop it from growing and keep them from coming in the
rest of the neighborhood around here,” he added.

Northwest Cape Coral Neighborhood Association President Denis Catalano says the meeting will be an
educational one.Trying to help ease the frustrations of homeowners with knowledge. He made it clear
his organization’s goal is to uphold standards of living and property values.

“We are not one of the groups that are gonna storm the Bastille and the council chambers, you know,
demanding something. We are gonna be factual, measured and approach it and see what we are gonna
do,” said Catalano.

He says he understands what those homeowners who live on those streets are going through. “I know i
wouldn’t want one next to my home you know. They have its place.”