For the use of flat pack container house, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will covered with rust earlier for the steel components, the wall will get old and seriously polluted. Normally, the flat pack container can be used for several years on condition of careful maintenance. Otherwise, the lifespan will be greatly reduced.

First, you should select right folding container. Tell the connected container house manufacturer’s request and specification. Make drawing and specification of material are very important, which will determine its capability of anti-wind and anti-earthquake. After determining scheme, it is also important to check the site! Besides taking the site measurement, the more important thing is to know the natural environment, such as geological situation, related environment, local climate, etc.

After the installation of knock down container, the user can not change the structure without authorization, including disassembling any bolt element. The framework of the container is a whole. Once the part occurs problem, it will cause chain effect. If you want to change, you need to contact and explain to the personnel.

For other emergency, you should also contact the demountable container house manufacturer to solve it if necessary. Water percolating the container inner wall and bottom wall will cause the lifespan of the container if rainstorm comes. The main point you should pay attention to when using the container is that do not change the inner construction with authorization and keep watch on the external influence. In that case, it can guarantee the lifespan of the flat pack container.