Here I will talk about one of our hot products: flat pack container house for dining hall.

The features of the flat pack container includes: 1. Easy to transport and relocate, convenient to assemble. For skillful workers, they could install one unit in 2h for 4 labors; 2. It is safe and reliable. The light steel structure and combination of material is strong to resist strong winds and 8 grade earthquake; 3. It could build by selectable materials, such as EPS, PU, or Rockwool, could also be designed according to the clients’ requirements; 4. High horizontal space utilization, the containerization design buildings could be stacked to 3 floors by putting containers vertically.

For the installation, firstly to connect the base with four corner columns, then insert wall panels from one side one by one. Door and windows can be installed in any place as per your special requirements. And for the package & loading, it adopting disassembling container houses loading into one 40’HQ. One 40’HQ can load 8 units 20ft standard container houses.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more information for container house.