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Our self-develop expandable container house is convenient to assemble, can be moved frequently, more importantly, large space for mobile living. The production period is approx 20 days, all fittings have all been assembled in the factory, the house will be folded to save space during transportation, when shipped to destinations,it can be quickly and easily installed.

We are expandable container house manufacturer in China. Folding houses combine the advantages of the container activities house and prefabricated modular house. Not only removable, easy to transport, but also internal use area is very large. All part of the house with all installed in the factory, site installation just to fold partially open, and then use the self-tapping screw can be fixed.


1. Easy installation All parts of the expandable container house are prefabricated in the factory, the scene simply assembled. We provide installation drawings and installation videos, you just need to follow the instructions to the house can be opened. 2. Repeat use Because the house is open folding assembly methods, and wall panels in the disassembly process without damage, so this house can be repeated removable container folded many times. 3. Convenient transportation Each 20-foot small cabinet can transport three sets of folding container activities room, each 40-foot high cabinet can transport eight sets of this folded room. 4. Unique in Design We have many experienced designers to design house according to your idea. After the house built, its looks very nice just like a great work by yourself. 5. Operational Demonstration Is Provided The house is space saving when it is folded up into a trailer, by watching the video we provide you can action quickly and become a great architect. Experienced engineers can also be offered if needed. 6. High Quality We have a domestic first-class production line of steel and composite Panel to ensure the expandable container house quality.

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