Definition of folding container:

Folding container house is a light steel frame with sandwich panels for building envelope materials spaced in a standard module series component bolted. It is a new concept of environmental protection budget mobile homes. The folding container can be easy for disassembly and assembly, which realizes the general standardization of temporary structures, establishes the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, efficient buildings and makes the temporary house into a series of development, integrated production, matching supply, inventory and styling products that can be used several times.

Installation method

Folding container is almost same as building. Level partition wall foundation and all around, best with reinforced concrete. It can also select 24 wall brick masonry, which is stronger. Then set up pillar, skeleton connected with horizontal beam, nail clapboard, outside wall board and door window frames; Next install floor wingceltis bar, stairs, floor and then set up roof truss and board. Last install door and windows, pull vertical to support.

Actually that is light steel structure. It is almost same as heavy steel structure factory. Folding container hidden project means during construction, after finish the previous operation, it will be covered by the next process. Parts that can not be checked after completed finish will be use as room decoration. Hidden project is the key. If it does not work well, it is in vain whatever the surface decoration is beautiful or not.

Hidden project can be divided into water installation, electric installation, moisture-proof, waterproof and other project. Each item can not be ignored. If one part has problem, it could cause serious economic loss and even bring harm to personal safety.