With our flat pack container, you will not only save and be able to ship multiple units at a time, but will also be able to disassemble easily and be cost effective. Flat pack containers structures ship flat but assemble quickly into modular containers. Flat pack containers can be joined together to make large, open plan structures or can stand-alone as living accommodations or offices.

De-mountable flat pack containers are designed for stacking in their disassembled and assembled forms. Minimal lifting equipment required for assembly and disassemble of containers to allow for low transport costs.

1. Easy to transport and relocate, convenient to assemble. For skillful workers, they could install one unit in 2h for 4 labors;
2. It is safe and reliable. The light steel structure and combination of material is strong to resist strong winds and 8 grade earthquake;
3. It could build by selectable materials, such as EPS, PU, or Rockwool, could also be designed according to the clients’ requirements;
4. High horizontal space utilization, the containerization design buildings could be stacked to 3 floors by putting containers vertically.