The use of demountable containers is becoming popular worldwide especially by construction companies, oil and gas extraction companies, industries, governments and military.

The increasing importance of work site accommodation and the need for quick production and installation of prefabricated construction site buildings are met by CMD containers. CMD containers are produced by means of advanced band system that allows mass production of top quality containers.

CMD container has worked intensively on developing container solutions for international markets and the result was developing the modular demountable container with dimensions 2.3 * 5.95 m according to different plans that suit different customers needs. Demountable container can come with WC & shower, kitchen, one or two rooms, and according to different plans. The main advantage of CMD flat pack containers is their demountable structures that allow shipping them as disassembled, which reduces transportation cost significantly then they can be installed quickly on site within few hours.

The modular nature of CMD demountable container also makes it possible to join many units together to form container building. Containers can be stacked vertically or jointed horizontally creating ready to use solutions that are ideal to be used as work camps, offices, dining hall, dormitories, emergency residence units, WC & shower units, and many other usages.

CMD demountable containers come as ready to use with all parts included such as electricity and water networks and their fixtures and fittings, doors, windows…etc. All parts and row materials used in production of CMD demountable containers are chosen from top quality and certified brands.

The main advantages of flat pack containers

Flatpack modular containers are highly insulated as they are produced using sandwich panel system that is insulated with polyurethane.
WC & shower units and kitchen can be provided in containers
Flatpack containers can be quickly produced and installed in less than one hour.
Flatpack containers can be joined together to provide wider spaces with desired functions.
Many units can be loaded inside one shipping container which reduces the shipping cost considerably.
Mobility: which allow moving container to different places
Economical prices: Flatpack containers are considered economical options compared with other types of construction.
Strong structure and long life
Flatpack container as a temporary construction can be easily disassembled, shipped to another location and reinstalled again. Mess hall, dining hall, WC/shower units, offices, security containers, living containers, dormitories, work site accommodation, worker camps, oil & gas companies work site accommodation, construction companies work site buildings, factory offices, educational buildings, administrative offices etc.