First Posted: 3:29 am – September 13th, 2015

By Greg Olson

Several repair and improvement projects are under way or have been finished at First Presbyterian
Church in Jacksonville.

Work is finished to repair the sanctuary ceiling and paint sections of the sanctuary lounge and some
areas of the ceiling in the hallway and stairs, according to Keith R. Lape, who with Chad Suhre is
chairman of the church’s building and grounds committee.

Lape said the ceiling work was done because several areas of the 115-year-old plaster ceiling were
cracked and deteriorating.

“In repairing the ceiling, workers addressed all the cracks and loose, deteriorating plaster by
replacing the plaster and sealing it with a fiberglass mesh and repainting,” Lape said.

Other work at the church includes installation of a new heating and air-conditioning system.
Contractors have been at the church since November, when they began drilling for a geothermal field
to supply both heating and cooling for the church’s Goltra Hall addition.

The drilling was completed in early spring and contractors are now awaiting the arrival of new
heating and air-conditioning units and several new energy-efficient doors and windows for Goltra

In addition, workers are removing and replacing floor tiles in Goltra Hall and the basement beneath
the sanctuary.

“The projects are being done with the support of the congregation, and we are not borrowing money
to complete the work,” Lape said. “There are several projects that still need to be addressed.”

Lape said he hopes all of the work is completed by the end of the year.