Definition of fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass mesh is the basis of glass fiber woven fabric by alkali-resistant rubber coating formed. It is widely used in construction inner and outside wall insulation, waterproofing, crack, etc with a good alkali-resistant, flexibility and high tensile strength weft. Fiberglass mesh mainly focus on alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh. It adopts non-alkali fiberglass yarn (principle component is silicate with good chemical stability) and made with leno weave, a specific organization structure and then through thermoforming treatment by alkali resistant liquid and reinforcing agent.

Application of fiberglass mesh

  1. Reinforce material of wall (such as fiberglass mesh fabric, GRC plate, EPS inner and outside wall insulation panel, plasterboard, etc.
  2. Reinforce cement products (such as marble pillar, funnel, etc.)
  3. Granite, net piece exclusively for mosaic, back mesh for marble.
  4. Roofing felt base cloth and asphaltic roofing material.
  5. Reinforcing plastic and rubber framework material
  6. Board fireproofing
  7. Grinding wheel base fabric
  8. highway pavement with geo-grid
  9. sealing tape used in construction


characteristics of fiberglass grid:

  1. Good chemical stability. Alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, water-resistant, cement etching resistance, and resistance to chemical corrosion and strong resin bonding, soluble in styrene.
  2. High strength, high modulus, light weight.
  3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, flat and prone to shrinkage, deformation, excellent location.
  4. Good toughness. Good shock resistance.
  5. Mildew, pest.
  6. Fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation.