Single 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container house manufacturer is a simple and effective housing construction, free combination of stitching, ready to transport. Container house galvanized C-shaped steel frame structure in the factory welding, bolting field use, the base, the cap production is completed at the factory. Wall using steel sandwich panel, good cold insulation effect. Read more


Flexible applications:


Flat pack container house– ‘Cube’ building blocks are designed for easy, cost effective transport.CMD modular buildings are based on a single core element from which numerous configurations of simple and complex structures can be made. This innovative demountable ‘Cube’ is the ultimate in portable buildings. Our unique folding ‘Cube’ is flat packed for easy, cost effective transportation and rapid assembly even in tight spaces where a rigid cabin structure cannot be used. Read more

expandable container 1

Our self-develop expandable container house is convenient to assemble, can be moved frequently, more importantly, large space for mobile living. The production period is approx 20 days, all fittings have all been assembled in the factory, the house will be folded to save space during transportation, when shipped to destinations,it can be quickly and easily installed.

We are expandable container house manufacturer in China. Folding houses combine the advantages of the container activities house and prefabricated modular house. Not only removable, easy to transport, but also internal use area is very large. All part of the house with all installed in the factory, site installation just to fold partially open, and then use the self-tapping screw can be fixed. Read more

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Jon Bell, Portland Business Journal , KGW

A new apartment building in Northeast Portland went from foundation to its full three-story height
last week — in just two days.

Dekum 13, a 28-unit building at 1308 N.E. Dekum St., rose from the ground in such a short time
because the project employed modular construction. Rather than construct the building with a
conventional stick frame approach, local developer Northwest Ventures Group worked with Idaho’s
Guerdon Modular Buildings, which built 28 different modules for the building inside a covered
facility. Read more

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