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Being   major   potential   operators   of   foldable  construction containers,   marketing   to   shipping   lines   and/or container lease companies seems most obvious. There is a major task for the manufacturers of foldable   containers   to   polish   the   negative   image   and   to   convince   potential   users   of   system benefits. The potential savings in transhipment and transport costs offer a substantial financial margin   for   a   container   design,   which   might   have   commercial   perspectives. However,   substantial   marketing   is   required   to   change   the   perception   of   shipping   lines   on these savings. Read more


An   important   aspect   affecting   the   performance   of   the   foldable container   is   its   application. This not only determines the cost-effectiveness of the container, but also makes demands on the arrangement and organisation of the logistic chain. On the basis of the number of links in the logistic chain in which containers are used in the folded state, the following logistic basic concepts can be distinguished (see also figure 3): Read more

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Low costs for folding and unfolding the containers.

Folding  and   unfolding  containers     implies    additional    handling     (manpower)  and usually demands  for  ancillary equipment.  Cost savings  elsewhere  in  the  logistical   chain    should compensate   these   additional   costs.   In   other   words,   there   is   a   trade-off   between   the   cost savings of using foldable containers and the additional costs they bring about in the logistical chain. The net result, and therefore the success of foldable containers, will strongly depend on the time and costs involved with folding and unfolding. This influence of the folding costs on the   cost   competitiveness of  foldable  containers  is  further  explained  in  Annex  A  with  a quantitative example. Read more


The idea of foldable containers is not so new. In the past several designs have been proposed. The majority of these ideas however never passed the phase of patent granting. Only two concepts have achieved the phase of pilot/testing and market introduction and are currently still available: the Six-In-One container and the Fallpac container. Read more

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