What’s the characteristics of three layer contain house? Now CMD container house will simply explain its features.
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After that not-so-dark day on Main Street (turned bright with challenges, said Michael mom Betty)……the workshop 308 called to say, “We hope you were serious about your comments on building a shipping container house, because we’ve been doing some drawing and think we’ve got a pretty neat house put together….but wanted to check before we went any further….” There you go. Read more


Today, in this post, I’m going to discuss some necessary information about the modular container house and their benefits. These days, the modular container home has become very popular in the China and even all around the world. A container dormitory building is safer and cost effective than the traditional house.

The modular containers are also designed to resist harsh environments like being sprayed with sea and road salt during transporting. These containers are made up with the high quality material and these containers can be easily loaded, handled, lifted and moved with simple equipment like forklifts, loaders and small cranes. Read more


The use of demountable containers is becoming popular worldwide especially by construction companies, oil and gas extraction companies, industries, governments and military.

The increasing importance of work site accommodation and the need for quick production and installation of prefabricated construction site buildings are met by CMD containers. CMD containers are produced by means of advanced band system that allows mass production of top quality containers. Read more

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