Artists known for using DEAD BABIES and human fat in their creations have unveiled shockingly realistic fallen angel installation

  • Artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are famous for their controversial artwork
  • They use unusual materials for art including baby cadavers and human fat,  silica gel, fiberglass woven mesh, stainless steel.
  • ‘Angel’ depicting old woman with wings and has shocked many art lovers
  • Their work has previously featured at the Saatchi Gallery in London

Art lovers were shocked by a ‘fallen angel’ installation that was unveiled in Beijing this week.

The extremely realistic work was created by Chinese artists, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.

The pair are known for blurring the lines between art and reality by using materials such as human body fat in their work.

Their latest piece, entitled ‘Angel’, has just been installed in China’s capital, reported People’s Daily Online.

The disturbing sculpture depicts an old woman lying tangled on the ground.

To illustrate her fall from grace, the woman also sports featherless wings on her back.

However, these materials are pretty tame for the pair.

They have been known to use human fat tissue, live animals and baby cadavers in order to challenge perceptions about death and the human condition.

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