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The homes of the future will not only be more sustainable and affordable—they will also be much
faster to build. Prefab architecture is paving the way, and now there’s more variety than ever to
choose from. From a green-roofed hobbit home to a modular container abode, we’ve rounded up 12 eco-
friendly dream homes that can be snapped together in three days flat (or less!) almost anywhere in
the world.
Magic Green Homes’ green-roofed hobbit homes built in three days

Your dreams of living in Hobbiton could be closer than you think. Magic Green Homes has created
prefabricated Hobbit homes that are so easy to construct, just about anyone can build one in just
three days. Made from prefabricated vaulted panels, the flexible modular homes connect together
without any need for special skills or heavy equipment. The homes can be covered with soil and
geotextiles to grow a living green roof.

Net-zero Unity Home pops up in three days

Unveiled last year as part of Greenbuild 2015, this gorgeous Unity home is a net-zero prefab that
can be assembled in less than three days—but is designed to last for centuries. Speed of assembly
isn’t this eco-home’s only impressive feature, however. The 1,620-square-foot net-zero-ready
dwelling was built to LEED v4 Platinum standards and outfitted with the world’s largest collection
of Cradle to Cradle (C2C)-certified building products ever used in a residential project. Click here
to read more and to watch a timelapse of the project assembly.


Modular One by Robert Gurney assembled in two days

A factory-fabricated home might not sound appealing on paper, but Robert Gurney’s Modular One helps
prove that prefab can be beautiful. Located just outside Washington, D.C. in Bethesda, Maryland, the
Modular One is an award-winning prefabricated home comprising 13 energy-efficient modules. The
modern light-filled home was assembled on-site within two days.


Mini House by Jonas Wagel goes up in two days

Architect Jonas Wagel successfully subverted Sweden’s strict permitting regulations with the Mini
House, a modern solar-powered prefab that took two people just two days to put together once the
piers were in place. Built to withstand both summer and winter conditions, the compact 15-square-
meter home also comes with customized modular add-ons, from a kitchen and bath module to a storage
module. A solar power kit can be added to the home to provide electricity.

Bamboo Living House puts together two homes in two days

Bamboo and prefab is a match made in heaven. Just ask Bamboo Living Homes, a company that
prefabricates gorgeous bamboo homes and ships the disassembled products to anywhere in the world for
reassembly on-site. One of their fastest bamboo building crews put together two houses in just two
days in Hawaii.

DublDom by BIO Architects can be assembled in one day

Moscow-based BIO Architects created a tiny and adorable holiday retreat with a patio that can be
assembled in just one day. The cozy timber dwelling, called the DublDom (Russian for ‘double house
’), comes fully equipped with all the basic home equipment, including sanitary equipment, a mains
connection, insulation, wiring, plumbing, and custom-made furniture. Full-height glazing and
skylights fill the gabled structure with light and opens up the home to views of the outdoors and
natural ventilation.


Gomos Modular Home by Samuel Gonclaves assembled in three days

Architect Samuel Gonclaves developed the “Gomos System,” a smart concrete modular housing system
that can produce a fully livable home in just three days. Launched last year in Arouca, Portugal, a
Gomos modular home is expected to have a starting cost of €50,000, plus taxes, for the base model.
The customizable homes can be modified to fit different sizes or types of terrain, and buyers have
the options to choose custom materials, furnishings, and more.

Photographer’s House by T2.a Architects assembled in two days

Prefab may be the answer to your cozy timber cabin dreams. Hungarian studio T2.a Architects
completed the Photographer’s House, a lovely wooden cabin for photographer Zsolt Batar assembled in
just two days in a forest outside Budapest. Constructed from cross-laminated timber, the
prefabricated and affordable dwelling is lined with wooden panels and full-height windows that
overlook views of the forest.


Ireland’s first shipping container home by Ceardean Architects went up in three days

Ireland’s first shipping container home was completed on-site in just three days. Designed by
Ceardean Architects and built by a team of volunteers, the solar-powered container home sleeps six
and includes a bathroom, kitchen, living space, and an outdoor deck. The solar-powered home also
includes micro-heating recovery units and was donated to the St. Vincent de Paul charity to shelter
a homeless family.